Application of Engineering & High Performance Plastic

1.Food and beverage production and packaging where plastics are required to meet safety standard like FDA before it can be used.
2.Areas where static-control is critical to preventing damages to expensive electronic components by the effect of electro-static discharge build-up moving parts or humans. Mat be electrically-conductive, static-dissipative or anti-static.
3.Parts that undergo high-performance (non-fire) exposure during usage for extended period of time yet maintain its mechanical and physical stability.
4.Parts that are exposed to various chemical agents by superficial contact or submersion and not degrade in performance during use.
5. Moving parts that are constantly in frictional contact with others components and do not cause excessive particular/ contamination in cleanrooms. Also excellent for extended wear-life.
6.Products suitable for bio-medical and pharmaceutical application. High purity.
7.General application where low cost is of concern and critical performance is not crucial.

Engineering Plastic  Selection Guide